Apakah Anda Menawarkan perlindungan kepada HAK-HAK ANDA?


The rights, freedoms, liberties, and justice, assured by our Structure, most efficient assemble a difference, after we remove them significantly, ample, to attain every thing doable, to continually, many instances, supply protection to our RIGHTS. This thought is basic extra essential, on the present time, perchance, than, in newest memory, because, it looks, many are being challenged, by the actions, rhetoric, and focal point of the recent occupant of the White Dwelling. Both, we resist, these challenges, or fail to remove the desired degree of non-public ardour / emphasis, to be particular that the finest, relevant, sustainable future. With that in tips, this text will, mercurial, strive to, absorb tips, see, evaluate, and discuss, utilizing the mnemonic system, what this methodology and represents, and why it matters.

1. Lawful – factor; religion; relevant; responsive; accountability; realistic: We must query, our public officers, attain the correct – factor, as a replacement of focusing on their private agenda / self – ardour! Whereas freedom of religion, is, and will be, stable, President Trump, and a lot of his core supporters, appear to focal point on making the nation, religion – basically based, while our Founding Fathers, wished a separation of church and yelp. The attack on females’s rights, immigrants (specifically, particular ethnicities), and plenty others, is towards what, made The United States enormous! We desire relevant, responsive public officers, who remove private accountability, in plight of resorting to populism, and blaming and complaining! As an different of making empty guarantees, misstatements / lies, and empty rhetoric, a realistic system, would simplest, supply protection to our American freedoms!

2. Solutions; ideology; integrity; creativeness; insights: Our ideology ought to be fixed with our Structure, and, looks, below – attack, by some, who desire to stress the Bible, as a replacement! Expansive public carrier, ought to point out, continuing with edifying integrity, and having the creativeness, and meaningful insights, to glance and conceive of, assemble, and implement, tips, which focal point, on our core rights!

3. Generate goodwill; better – correct: The better – correct, is simplest – served, when our officers, see to generate goodwill, no longer, by their rhetoric and guarantees, but, pretty, their emphasis on potentially the most straight forward facets of the American system!

4. Healing; humane; happiness; head / heart: When public leaders, use the finest facets of, both, their logical and emotional substances, in a head / heart balance, they initiating to become, therapeutic, in plight of polarizing! President Trump, in most cases, looks to neglect this humane necessity! Emphasizing our rights, privileges, and plenty others, ought to toughen our voters happiness!

5. Time – examined; well timed: Making enhancements, in a relevant, sustainable system, does no longer point out, reinventing the wheel, but taking advantage to time – examined tips, which have labored, and continue, to assemble sense! They never procrastinate, but, ought to be responsive, in a well – conception to be, well timed system!

6. Beef up; strengths / stronger; speech: You could perchance have the selection to learn, plenty, a pair of explicit chief, by the emphasis of his speech, and who, it looks, he serves, and represents. Whereas there are no ensures, the plot, ought to be, on the simpler – say, and seeking the toughen our nation, by efficiently, utilizing his, and the nation strengths, and prioritizing, making, all of us, stronger!

Wake up, The United States, and query, public officers, supply protection to all our RIGHTS, and, no longer, merely, those they prefer (or prefer them)! Learn extra, remove a modern – perceive, and query, better!

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