Berurusan Dengan Gangguan Psikologis Pintar Di Nigeria


Nigeria has a population of about 230million other folks, is indeed a blessing to the nation and appropriate market for local and foreign investors.

Nonetheless, my loved nation has 80 million other folks at menace of psychological correctly being complications.

Unfortunately, there are no longer up to 200 mavens, skilled and empowered with certificates to tackle this social field, all over the place apart our nation.

Dr Jibril Abdulmalik, convener / chief executive officer of Asido Basis, a non-governmental organization, dropped this label on Thursday the Nigerian Institute of Clinical Compare in Yaba, Lagos.

Talking at some point soon of the open of his e-book: Optimum Psychological Smartly being: An Day after day Info, Abdulmalik said that the World Smartly being Organisaton has said that one in every four person is a sufferer at any point of their life.

In accordance with him, internationally, 10 percent of the population is currently tormented by one scheme it.

In Nigeria, there is a huge gap between correctly being workers and victims. He declared point-blank that statistics indicate that 80 percent of Nigerians cease no longer hang entry to psychological correctly being remedies.

Fact is that there are insufficient skilled, certificated psychological correctly being mavens. Which ability truth, some untrained other folks may also without say deceive victims with the flexibility to cure them.

Poverty diploma in our nation is on the high aspect. Hundreds other folks mediate there are unearned miracles in church buildings, mosque and former settings. That is no longer true. We work for what we effect ..

His phrases: “To illustrate in Akwa Ibom divulge, younger other folks, are labeled witches and witchcrafts and sent to church buildings or therapeutic facilities, where they’re chained and flogged, day-to-day in are trying and cure them of witches”.

He further explained that lack of know-how, shame, stigmatization, has ended in other folks snubbing, or out-rightly abandoning psychological correctly being victims, as an different of taking them to properly being facility for true health facility therapy.

The Asido scribe said that his non-executive organization came to being so as to enact advocacy, networking, consciousness advent, and empowerment for members of the final public on points regarding to it.

In his submission, Prof B. L Salako, director-overall, Nigerian Institute for Clinical Compare, praised Abdulmalik for the writing a e-book on psychological correctly being and suggested that the e-book, must be made readily accessible to every one.

Prof T. L Sheikh, nationwide president, Association of Psychiatrists in Nigeria known as on the manager to provide and enabling atmosphere for added other folks to enter trainings so as to change into professionally certified psychological correctly being workers, so as to cleave serve the massive gap, currently present in that sector.

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