Peningkatan Besar Bamisayemi di Ifeland: Harapan yang Cacat


In detect of the actual fact that we are serene in the early share of the month of February, it is considered apposite to need all acutely aware and proper-thinking Nigerians, a comfy contemporary month. Serious in regards to the realm of our political spate and the imaginable exit this will dictate, extra importantly in Ife Land, we are largely inhibited to philosophize this delivery commentary.

Our major philosophize like early indicated is in regards to the subsequent political distribution of Ife Land – the cradle of Yoruba elope, and its active political avid gamers. We’ve seen a semblance stuck between the stipulations we are gradually going in and the realm of unfulfilled promises, untrustworthiness and unequal illustration we came throughout ourselves in the latest political distribution. We, as a body, would possibly perchance perhaps presumably now not indulge in sufficient money to lose our retain, in guarding, sheltering and defending our inexperienced democratic suppose, as it is of high premium that we shift from advertent or inadvertent retrogression of our land, to a realm where IFELAND is potentially now not allowed to relapse into financially-viable dormancy, political stagnation or backwardness.

A sufficient series of residents, chums, political observers and developmental cohorts are extra and further unnerved about indications that are popping out of the plenty of campaign promises of the candidature of Honourable Folorunsho Oladoyin Bamisayemi of the All Progressives Congress (APC), that used to be mainly summarized into ” Big Enhance of Ife Land: Equal opportunities for constituents “. There is a widely-permitted Yoruba adage that “when fleas proliferate in your clothes, your fingernails would possibly perchance perhaps presumably now not ever be discharged of blood”. However in a expose to erase blood out of your fingernails, it is most realistic to be obvious that that fleas are now not anchored wherever within your locality.

The prophecy of pitiable efficiency in space of labor (if elected) – unequal or cabalistic illustration, unaccountability, miserable economic management, nepotism, rotten dereliction of contractual obligation, absolute abet of misdeed, lack of development and hope for the future and widening inequality – will to a large extent be in existence. With this, our fingers is potentially now not dry of “blood”.

It’ll serene be great that sometime in December, 2018, a scheme used to be initiated by the All Progressives Congress’ aspirant for the lower chamber of the Nationwide Assembly, representing Ife Federal Constituency, Hon. Folorunsho Oladoyin Bamisayemi (additionally known as BAMBAM), which used to be earlier seen to ease the financial burden of now not lower than ten pupil-constituents of every indigenous college students’ affiliation in Ife Land, beneath the “HONOURABLE FOLORUNSHO OLADOYIN BAMISAYEMI’S EDUCATION ASSISTANCE FUND”, which used to be coordinated by one Mr. Lawal Taofik (OfTao).
On the 30th of December, 2018, the necessary tranche of payment used to be said to be made, from the non-public Financial institution yarn of the said “Lawal Taofik (OfTao)”, which till the time of issuing this commentary, has pocked the bursary payment of different indigent college students. This, amidst plenty of others had derelict the wide acceptance of the candidate at the impending poll, by a series of faculty students in Ife Land.

We gathered with info, for merely someone who cares to understand, that in Ife North Native Executive and Ife East Self-discipline Office, for event, eight and seven apt applicants were obtained their ten-thousand naira (# 10,000) funds respectably, out of the ten apt ones for every. Here is merely an event, as there are other circumstances of such.
Grand Nigerians, this day, we, through this medium, accuse Mr. Lawal Taofik (OfTao) of extreme financial impropriity as regards the Hon. Folorunsho Oladoyin Bamisayemi’s Training Aid Fund. It used to be sleek that, this extremely negative act used to be perpetrated at a time when all political actors are, canvassing for the abet of Nigerians, extra importantly, Ife Land voters. Afterwards, we foresee an austere future, if a younger particular person can now not be relied on to handle a meager quantity of cash, for grief of economic unaccountability.

We question that such help fund to ease the financial stress of the much less-privileged, must serene be handled basically based on acceptable regulations and accounting practices. Ife Federal Constituency is an iconic seat, which used to be traditionally anticipated and revered throughout the nation. We collaborated with proper hopes for the future and in the assumption that together there used to be an opportunity to make Ife Land large one more time, altruistically to give hope and future to the reputedly silly and other folks in despair. Now we had been really saddened by the occasions of the past months, and we are timid and appalled by the occasions of the past week.

Our democratic machine shall be sustained and measured now not by leaders doing extra-unparalleled issues ((habitually, leaders fail to manufacture unparalleled issues very neatly), but by we, constituents rising up to manufacture unparalleled issues extra-ordinarily neatly. Our democratic suppose, growth and construction at this closing date required unparalleled constituents to manufacture the extra-unparalleled issues of altering the itinerary and direction of our uninspiring efficiency and construction. If our leaders fail, constituents must now not fail. In that lies the surprise and importance of democracy.

The financial hysteria of the Folorunsho Oladoyin Bamisayemi’s mercenary, Lawal Taofik (OfTao) must serene be rustled.

We’re confronted by the hot scenario; we can neither espouse spirit of spinelessness nor diffidence now to now not mention incapacity, but this shall be sustained by braveness, self-self-discipline and declare to recount and act, and to follow it till we fabricate the greatness Ife land describes.
We additionally maintained that a big campaign must serene indulge in launched against the poli-suggestions of our political avid gamers, as unaccountable representatives must serene indulge in disallowed from the seat are making sanctified.

In all locations, other folks are already belligerent, buzzing in concern and annoyance. We make fearless that our resentment is potentially now not like that of the lame. We are going to be succesful to communally hoard ourselves from the self-discipline we acquire ourselves. We are going to be succesful to engender merely re-armament and participating togethness of different folks of like-mind and goodwill to come solidly together to grab Ife Finally turn out.

– We additionally maintained that our other folks must serene be sensitized on the must vote competent and incorruptible leaders at the poll, this coming election; and the must retain them guilty.

We reiterate that an unbiased investigative panel must serene be self-discipline up with quick invent by the main of the scheme, Hon. Folorunsho Oladoyin Bamisayemi, probe into the actions of Lawal Taofik (OfTao), and make amendments where compulsory

– We are going to be succesful to now not hesitate to scream participants of most other folks when such modification is made, for posterity sake.
We deem it is in the most efficient pursuits of all parties concerned for this arena to be resolved as fleet as imaginable.
Our fight continues toill the very day we actualized the increased Ife we ​​desire, hitherto victory is evident.

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