The Madness Chronicles – Episode 1


In this, the principle episode of the Madness Chronicles, let’s outline the timeframe. The dictionary defines madness because the advise of being mentally sick, especially severely, extremely foolish behavior, and a advise of frenzied or chaotic train. We’re going to all agree our society, led by the Left, has pulled The US to the depths of madness. Let’s shield a witness.

In a yarn this week out of El Paso, Texas, the Mexican authorities had retained American attorneys. They’ve filed suit in opposition to Walmart for his or her negligence in no longer offering security to forestall the August 3 shooting. You’ll lift a gunman entered the store in the Cielo Vista shopping center and killed 22 folk while wounding one other 24 more. A horrific tragedy, to enlighten the least.

Let me gain this straight. The Mexican authorities sued Walmart over a shooting? In 2018 there were over 33,000 drug murders in Mexico. In 2019 they are on tempo after six months to surpass 2018’s represent. Let’s gaze that would possibly per chance per chance seem like extremely foolish behavior, wouldn’t it? And dwelling down there must be a advise of frenzied or chaotic train? It’s madness.

In the UK closing week, a Muslim who showed his neighbor a video of him raping a 4-one year-ragged lady performed with out penal advanced time. The Barrister sentenced the Defendant to two years imprisonment with two years suspended, equipped he no longer participate in such train himself. The Barrister talked about, “It comes down to sick-judgment and immaturity on his fragment,” she added. The Defendant became as soon as 22. Per chance it is a advise of being mentally sick.

In the news out of the Vatican, the Pope this week spoke the spend of an age-ragged French poem to define why Christianity is as violent as Islam. It looks oddly out of personality for a main of the Catholic world. But, closing week he additionally launched that being a grand native weather warrior can have to quiet be fragment of the catechism going ahead. His location looks foolish to me?

Rounding out Episode 1 is the charade going on in the Home of Representatives is called the impeachment inquiry. That will per chance be a advise of frenzied and chaotic train. The Democrats in Congress and loads of Trans Republicans (folk which are Democrats figuring out as Republicans) have performed nothing for the reason that election of President Trump nevertheless are attempting to shield away him from location of business.

The Deep Bid is a long way deeper than folk realized, and it isn’t going away. A coup is taking location in The US, and the majority can’t agonize while the minority works to lift The US down to a Banana Republic. We’re dwelling in a time of madness, characterized by outward shows of being mentally sick, especially severely, extremely foolish behavior, and a advise of frenzied or chaotic train.

The US has one slim likelihood. The reelection of Donald Trump in 2020. It’s Trump of socialism, shield your obtain. Must you compromise, portion the Chronicles widely. Must you disagree … you’re fragment of the field.

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